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CONSERVATION PARTNERS works to conserve land for the public benefit. Over the past 25 years, Conservation Partners has completed hundreds of transactions that have conserved thousands of acres of agricultural lands, open space and critical habitat.

We are creative, resourceful and dedicated to conservation causes. We value our long-term relationship with our clients. Our expertise includes creating effective land protection strategies, negotiating multi-party agreements and managing complex transactions, including conservation easements, fee acquisitions and mitigation transactions, and nonprofit tax and governance.

Successful land conservation projects require perseverance, negotiating experience, and broad knowledge about land, conservation values, contracts, title issues and the economics of selling, purchasing and stewarding land. We are known for our ability to put deals together and to see them through to completion.

Our goals in working with nonprofit clients are broader than successful completion of each transaction. In particular, we strive to increase the capacity of our clients. As we do our work, we educate land trust staff, explaining what we are doing and why, thus enabling staff to be more competent, confident and independent on the next transaction.

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